Meet Jaimie Miller

Jaimie Miller is the President, Executive Director, and Founder of Pixie Dust Wishes which she started in early 2017. As President, she is in charge of running the monthly board meetings, making sure the 501(c)3 status is maintained, and delegates responsibilities among board members and volunteers. As Executive Director, Jaimie is in charge of the day to day operations that are involved with Pixie Dust Wishes. This includes soliciting sponsors, donations, and working on fundraising year round which allows the funding of wishes. She is also in charge of the administrative duties of running a non-profit organization, maintains relationships with the community, our wish families, and the area schools and businesses who support Pixie Dust Wishes' mission. Jaimie assists the travel agency with the planning of the wish trips. She seeks out opportunities with the news media to create awareness of our mission, and writes the grants for the organization as well. She also oversees the Race to Neverland committee in State College. 

Jaimie's daughter, Emma, who has Down syndrome, is her inspiration in starting Pixie Dust Wishes. As a result, Emma, dressed as Tinkerbell, is the presenter for each wish that is granted. Emma's love of Disney in conjunction with the way that Disney World caters to the disability community is what created the perfect way for her to give back to the special needs community.

"Every wish presentation is emotional and special, but the first one was something that definitely stands out in my mind. Many people thought it was nice that I had the idea to begin Pixie Dust Wishes, but when all things begin as a dream, seeing it come true when we granted Sofia's wish was a very special moment that I will remember forever."

Miller is originally from Bucks County, PA but has lived in State College, PA since 1992. She graduated from State College Area High School in 1994 and Penn State University in 1998. She also works for a small engineering company, Guidedwave, in Bellefonte, PA and is in charge of Human Resources and Contracts. 

Jaimie is married with four children, her oldest being Georgianna DeCarmine who holds a photojournalism degree from Penn State and is the official photographer for Pixie Dust Wishes. She also has two sons, Nicholas and Zachary, Emma, and her husband is Luke who also graduated from Penn State and works in the State College area. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and close friends and advocating for the special needs community through her work in Pixie Dust Wishes and through her personal writing.

P.O. BOX 1331